Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yeah ! Yeah !
Zakry Latif-Fairuzizuan won the Indonesian Open 2008 !
Which means they win back to back title.. The Spore and Indonesia.....
Phewit !!!

I watched the 1st and 2nd game only.. That time, 1 game all I chao rdy... After that, I called miss Lian Ee to update me.. This gal ar, I tell you... Before I say anything. She say they sure lose

Carolyn: Hellooo, Lian Ee ar?
Lian Ee: Hello, ya... Wei.. They lose la..
Carolyn: huh? Later you can tell me whether they win or not, after the match? I cant watch dy, wana go out.
Lian Ee: They lose wan la...
Carolyn: Oi.. No lar...
Lian Ee: Wei.. I can tell you now la, they will surely lose..
Carolyn: (rushing wana close the fon dy.. )Noooooo.. no la, no la.. Later u update me kkk, thks...
Lian Ee:they sure lose wan... Ok la..
Carolyn: Bye bye..
Lian Ee: Bye

And you see now, who say lose huh !!! Ishhhh...
I predict they will win in trailing 3 sets.. Because the indo and usa combination's age is catching up... They get tired if they play rubber set.. So, therefore, malay pair will hv the chance to win and they did it.. Yeahh !

Turkey will meet Germany in Semis right? SO, I will support Germany. ! They rocksss, beat Portugal away.. Yes !!
But, Turkey is the 1st team I support during 2002 KOREA JAPAN world cup... The 1st time ever I watched football.(bcoz no need wake up middle of the night and watch wan)
They got 3rd place if im nt mistaken... Then, in the finals, Germany vs Brazil, I support Brazil, but I like that Germany's goal keeper.. hahaha... At last, Brazil won !
I support Germany this time !!

While Spain and Italy, I would choose Spain.. Who ask Fabregas to be there. I Love Fabregas !!

Just now, I chat wit Amrit at foreverus91's chatbox.. Because that msn not working.. hahaha... Very nice leh.. Mine only dont work... dont know why.. MSN ni..... eeyer.. Semakin I wana sign in, semakin I feel wana bang the pc...

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