Sunday, June 1, 2008

Juneeee rdyyy arrr

It's Juneeeee !!! The sixth month of the year.. Time fliessss... That means 2 months to trials and 5 months to finalsss... huhuhu... Do you think with my laziness, I can finish revise 10 subjects in 5 months? Nothing is Impossible, but I tell you, for me is impossible.

Ohhh... now i can feel my $$$ flowing... I still got hutang yang belum dilangsai... isshhhh... My ah long esther siah will come and find me... huhuhu..
Father's Day is comingggg. So many kawans's bufday is coming... Hmmmm... pandai-pandailah you alll.. Hint to me okay, because I really don't know what to buy... But dont la say you want diamond, I die...

This morning I went to Alamanda Carrefour. Actually we want to buy 1 DVD player. Because both my DVD players were strike by the lightning or thunder?hangus rdy...My dad say buy cheap wan enuf, spoil edi wont sakit hati. But my sisters arrr.............. Want to buy those which have karaoke wan.... eww... What so nice to sing la right? Not that very free also... Sound pollution got lar.. lol.. At last, we didn't buy..

Then I went to Metro..not metro point.. My sister want to change watch battery. But, unfortunately they say her watch they don't hv the battery to change.. huh? watch battery not standard wan ar???.. Then we went into Giant to buy some junk foood... Potato Chipssss. :-)
On the way back, I saw my fav electone... Yamaha got like exibition something lk dat at Lower ground floor.. My stagea ! mINI stagea only... big stagea lagi niceee... Very exp..
I'll buy my own 1 day. Next time my own house must have an electone. MUST !! hahahaha

fuhhh... Yeah, im gonna sit for my driving exam this friday.... mmmm..... I scare la....
But after Friday, if everythin goes right for me, I can be a "P" license driverrrrrrr... ..... I cant wait for the day to come, but also dont want the day to come so fast. What crap is this?!!

That's all for now... AMrit juz remind me to buy Mcd ice-cream.. RM0.50 for the 1st day of evry month... Let's go !!

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