Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School Reopen

School had just reopen....
Let me conclude:

24th May to 27th May: Stay at home... Superb boring...
28th May: Outing with 5 Berlian to KLCC... (almost evry1)
29th May: at home
30th May: same
31st May: same
1st June: Shopping
2nd June: Study with Kohila, Physics tuition.
3rd June: Desa Waterpark...
4th June: at home
5th June: Driving lesson, Chemistry tuition.
6th June: Exam
7th June: Shobana's Birthday @ KFC
8th June: visiting 1 old aunty
So, this is how i spend my holi... Boringgggnyer...

We just got back our paper..... Add m3, Bio, Phy, English, BM p2 and EST p1....
huhu.. Me and Ee Li is the "top scorer" for EST p1... Fuyoh ! Baguskan? lol...We didn't get more than 10 wrg oso wert.. Amrit get 30/30... Fuihhh... Top scorer yg sebenar.. Congrats Amrit..
We got back our Biology papers frm our Biology's teacher today... Almost everyone was pissed off.. Her marking is just so........ undescribeable... Like this wrong, like that tak boleh... We must write 100% like her answer sheet only can get mark... ishhhhhh...
Of course we fight for markss.Until 2 period finish also not enough, we will be continue to argue tomorrow. lol..

Today,Ee Li and I studied Physics in library. Surprise? Group study become couple study. hahahaha.. Kita harus bersungguh-sungguh since our physics mark is so "high" rdy... For what? wat else other than SPM? we also don't know anything lar...But nvm, as long as we willing to study ma....: )
Tomorrow, we will be studying Chemistry. hmmm... In SB curry hse I guess. hahahaha..

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