Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day Out

I went out with Shu Li today... Our last meeting before I go NS..
The Yu Hua friend that Im close to.. Until now...
eeeyyeeerrr.. NS !!! Damn !! We went Metro Point la.. where else can we go?? Kajang is just toooo... haihz...
and do you know that Bosco Wong is coming to Metro Point for autograph session on 29th December??? I can't go !!!! Wth...
Actually, can you imagine he coming to Metro Point?? M.P wo... Not that I pandang rendah M.P.. But !!! Is unbelievable !!! Anyone who is going, please take autograph for me !! although Im not his big fans la, more on Lam fung.. hahaha

Alright, I got the 1st birthday present from Shu Li... and a Christmas card... Ohh.. Tomorrow's Christmas !!! Merry Christmas !!!
This year... It seems quite dull.. Why no Christmas mood wan !!??

After makan, we jalan-jalan around M.P... and we bought watches.. Bought the same wan. Hers was red, mine was duno wat colour should i call.. after that, she send me back

DIY oor

The cutie Christmas card..

You say what colour is mine?

p/s: Thanks for the card and the present and ur short msg.. I won't 4get u la, it's oni 10 weeks... hahahahahahaha.. Don't go Sunway, go Inti !!
and happy advance bday to you... (her bday is act earlier than mine) =)

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