Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tomorrow will be Christmas.. The week after Christmas will be New Year... This shows that 2008 is coming to an end.. Well, year 2008 is not a bad year for me after all and it's not too good though.. So, let me briefly conclude what I did in this 12 months...

January-- Foreverus91 gave me a unforgettable surprise birthday.. They are awesome !!
For the 1st time, I saw Lee Chong Wei playing and winning Live in Bukit Jalil.
I will miss MO 2009, thanks to the government...

February-- Celebrated CNY happily la of course.. For the 2nd time, I went for visiting in my friends houses..
Pass my Undang test.. (very lucky wan, coz i nvr read)

March-- I went for the suckest holiday, to Yogyakarta, Indonesia...( but i nd to Zhi Zhu)
I shaked Nicholas's hand.. LOL..
I watched his concert !!! So yeng !!

April -- wat happens? Busy with school stuffs...

May-- Exams all the way

June -- Nothing much happen. Just lk normal lah.. Lols

July -- I got my "P"... I know is damn late, but what to do? I failed...

August -- The crying month.. lols. Cause we need to berpisah with friends to different classes.. Undergo depression.. O.o

September -- Going on with trialssss

October -- Couple Group studies with Ee Li..

November-- Sat for SPM...

December -- Penang Shopping trip, college open days trip..
NS !!!!!!!!

i didn't really appreciate every moment in 2008, and wish I could do so in 2009.. There's Ups and downs in year 2008, but thank god, I manage to overcome it...
I wanna thank Buddha for his wonderous blessing throughout the year,keep me healthy and bao you wo chu ru ping an....
and so, I wish for the same thing from god in year 2009, May all beings be well and happie..
and I hope that year 2009 will be better than year 2008..

2009 to-do-list

1) Celebrate CNY.. Meet friends during CNY break
2) Enter college
3) Go for Wesak Day walk (nvr try b4)
4) Drive to Genting Highlands (dis yr dun hv chance yet)
5) Drink shandy (you may laugh, coz I din drink b4)
still got la, but I cant think of.. haha

So, till here 1st.. Tata..
Hv a nice day !!

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