Monday, December 22, 2008

Im watching drama the whole day.. Yeah !! Im gonna finish Invincible Shan Bao Mei..
Nicholas rocks.. The in front part u may find it stupid,don't make sense. but as you watch on, it's nice.. LOL...
I only watch @ 1pm.. Coz my sisters conquer the players since 10am in the morning.. 2 DVD players, 1 ppl 1 you know? ish ish..
So, the computer nobody wanna fight with me. hahaha.. So nice..

I can't believe la, Im leaving for NS in 5 days time...
So "Lucky"kena NS.. yeah, every1 telling me that..
I will have a good swim in Port Dickson... For once, I know how to bersyukur that im not in Kelantan la( i noe i wont get there wan =p), without Ee Li telling me to do so... Usually she will ask me to bersyukur, especially when i get the exam marks... haha..
Ask me whether I will cry? I say No, you believe me not? I also don't believe..
cry la cry la... I never leave home for so long before.. Longest oso 3D2n camp oni..
I will miss my house, especially my messy room full with papers, But now no more la, coz i sell away edy.. Get money edy... ahahaha..

I will surely miss my sisters who are very fan, my dog which barks parents... Everything la.. Except 1 thing, Yes !! Smart !! My MAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not seeing the maid for 3 months or 10 weeks will be damn wonderful.. yay !!!!!!!!
I never wana go NS la, but im sure I will get it. n you see now, I really get it..Coz ar, ppl say when you dont wanna get, you will get..Although i tried very hard 2 think that "I WANT" to dun1 to get, but still I get... huhu...Und what I crap? emm ok..
haihyahh.... I will miss my dramas la... I will definitely 101% miss the Malaysia Open 2009 la. ish ish..
This will be the 1st time im not counting down with family.. sigh..
Alright.. I finish expressing.. tata..
Gonna continue Wu Di Shan Bao Mei..

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