Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas !

I never felt like that before.
Leaving in 2 days time.. Suddenly I feel the time speeding...
Although tanjung tuan,port dickson and even N9.. The names are very familiar to me since im a young kid la.. But still I feel it's like so far away from Kajang.. It's like I need months to reach there.. I feel very uncomfortable, not looking forward into it.. Maybe some ppl does, but definitely not me.. I know 10 weeks is not long, but it's not short too..
Im worry.. Perhaps it's all about those cases I heard before... I pray hard to god that nothing bad could happen to me and my friends hu are going to serve Malaysia and so we cn be back home safe and sound in 10 weeks time.. I dont use in months time. Because to me, months is very long...

I think I might enjoy there,or maybe not.. but somehow when I think Im gonna leave home, I feel berat hati la..... So, I hope CNY can come very very soon, so that I can come back home... Main intention is to collect angpau and of course meet my kawans.
Amrit told me that she went to visit my camp, on the way to PD.. and she said it's okie... what a relieve.. a bit oni. lolz..
Anyway, can you tell me what reaction/respond shud I give when some1 tells me "take care".. "Good Luck"..
I had been listening to this 2 words in this 1 whole week... Everytime I heard people say this to me, my tears rolls down to my cheek automatically.. involuntary action kut... I feel so silly la, why tiba2 cry right.. Like wth... cry for nothing.. hmm... Not lk Im going for 2 years, it's oni freaking 2 and 1/2 months.. But do you know to me is lk damn long?? Everyone says it's good. let's see how good it is.. Tell you when i come bk..

Because of NS, i had to skip my cousin's wedding..(anyway, go or dun go oso no diffs) We hardly talk or we never talk.. Not even 1 sentence in 1 whole year..coz we are not *cook*... I mean we are not suk..
So, ahhh forget bout it.. I guess he dun even noe whats my name !
Besides, I miss a golden chance to see Nicholas in Sg Wang for countdown... My darling at the moment or u shall say this year...
Not only that, I need to miss MO 09 wich is sooooooooo I dun wish to.. With the comeback of Koo-Tan I feel lagi mm dai.. Who knows I can see MS and MD win together live? Kien keat semakin leng zai.. haha.. My yonex and the 100 plus the beat beat thing arr.. U all know rite, ahh.. No more angin, wanna take new wan !
and 1 more thing, I can't see Bosco Wong live.. My brother you know... that's y i say im not really his big fans.. what for right wanna bcum brother's fans?? LOL
(tsk tsk.. so thick skin)..and he is coming to Kajang. I can walk to reach mann !!!

well, I don't need to pack wan... so that's y u can see me onlining all the while... coz my sis and my mum will put things on my bag.. I just nd 2 arrange it and i will get it done on sat morning.. huhu... All this while im a last minute person.. I love to do things last minute even study.. and so... Let's see what will happen during ns.. huhu...

Alright, I don't know what to blog edy..
So to my friends out thr who are starting college soon, wish you guys Happy nerding.
and to those hu are still plan to goyang kaki at home,hahaha.. Happy holidays !!
To those hu are plan to start driving lesson, faster go.. Dun waste time !! Happy Driving !!
Kohila and Ee Li, we go Inti 2gether alright?
Ee Li, I bring you go see Adrian.. hahaha

I will miss all of you..... Muacks muackss.. Take care !!!
Oh ya, and Happy New Year 2009..

tata !!!! Miss you all !!!

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