Friday, December 19, 2008


At last, we decided to go to Penang instaed of Kuantan.. Because there moonsoon ma right, go there also nothing.. haha..
On the 1st day, we reached Penang 1 something.. Met my uncle who are going to Cameron from penang that day..
I like Penang lah.. Besides the traffic lights, i like everything there.. Penang has so many many many traffic lightss.. and the journey frm Batu Feringghi to Gurney Drive makes people feel dizzy... Gurney Plaza rocks.. hahaha..
1 thing ar, I hardly heard Christmas songs.. Jingle bell pun tak de... There are more CNY songsss...

With Gloria...

At Gurney Drive

After that, we checked in to the Condo... Eden Fairview something..

The view from the balcony... The white wan is Golden Sand resort..

Dinner at Gurney Drive.. Yummy yummy..Curry mee, prawn mee, wantan mee, Char Kuey Teow, bla bla bla...

We tried almost everthing... Lolz

The Ship..

The next Day... We had Dim Sum for breakfast..
Cheap until duno how to say.. Super Duper Cheap.. 7 org eat RM 36.70 only.. you say cheap or not?

This is Tanjung Bungah Resort Hotel punya beach..

We headed to Kek Lok Si after breakfast...

The doggie bench..

The view from top

The Horse

Shopping !! You can shop until you pk...

Their mouth very BIG... Once you walk away 1 step, da price will drop. Walk another step, drop sumore.. Very damn nice..

The aunties who jual barang, speak perfect English.. got those orang putih slang..
Alot orang putih wei....

Big Arsenal, small arsenal..
RM8.. You say cheap or not leh... Petaling street also I cannot get this cheap.
Somemore let people scold..
This is mine. Black wan.. Fly Emirates is actually not that color.
Camera problem..


The traffic is heavy... We finally reach home 7pm sharp...
Im going Penang again 2012.. hahaha

Alright, that's all bout my boring holidays...
Ars vs Liv tmr nite... Whatever result will be, go Arsenal !!
yay yay!! Koo-Tan clear the 1st day hurdle.. Today will be a tough wan.. sigh..
Btw, they beat Tony Gunawan-Candra Wijaya in straight sets.. BAru saja..
Tonite, is the real chi kek wan.. LOL
Till then, bye bye !!!

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