Friday, December 26, 2008

I finish packing up.. Not me, my mummy... She packs almost everything for me, coz she say i very careless, later din bring this din bring that... Thanks mum!!
I got alot things la, mopiko,counterpain, vicks,panadol, plaster etc... lolss
huuhuu.. I can't believe im leaving for ns tmr.. Like in a blink of an eye? LOLzz.. izit?

I had yum cha session with Kohi, Yen Mun, Lian Ee and Ee Li in the afternoon.. We went to the newly renovated McD to minum-minum.. hehehe.. Ee Li bluff me say cannot come coz she wanna go sumwhr else.. Tiba2 she appear.. Lolz... So, Yen Mun bought 1 regular set of Filet-o-fish and we keep refill the soft drink.. Until the cup oso wanna lembik.. But still ok la.. hahahahahaha.. lots of time you know..
Kong Yen Mun lewat sangat !!!! for about 1 hour.. coz she went to school to get chop or cert to apply for college. and Ee Li, Kohi, Lian Ee and I wait for her for about an hour..
hah.. Cukup queen la she.. lolz... We gossip bout school of course... talking bout school, so which topic do you think we will oweys discuss besides who n who is couple with who n who?loL... T******.. hahahhahah

Kinda berat hati to leave friends rite, although the time in NS is not long untillll.. But still when you know you can't meet for that often, you feel stg.. Don't you??
Thanks eeli for that tapak kaki/tangan keychain... hehehe.. Im gonna gantung at my bag all the time... and Shu Li, I will bring the watch there.. hahaha...

Kohila, no worries.. I will miss you all the time.. and my Fabregas, adalah tanggungjawab anda untuk buy for me !! CNY i want it k!!!
Foreverus91, I will miss you all like crazy !!!

Btw, congrats Shobana, she just passed her undang test !! Upcoming driver, another kaki to lumba haram.. yeah !!!

So, i think basically that's all.. Wait till my next post during CNY !!!

Happy NEw Yr everyone!!!
Love ya.. Take care !!

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