Saturday, December 13, 2008

The name is B.O.R.E.D

hihi... I am very boring !!!
Dis few days, I've been watching alot of HK dramas... 3 dramas in 3 days.. 10am-2am daily.. Love Exchange, A journey Called Life and Price Of Greed..
Say I siao la, I don't care.. haha..
It's nice you know, you watch watch watch, don't realise the time... huhu..
13 december today huh...... Last yr, i went HK? yeah.. I miss HK of course... lalalala.
I miss the food, mickeymouse, donald duck,the beach.. Lol...I love there.. I shall find a HK bf...
Im heading to the North on Tuesday... whee.. jalan-jalan cari makan.. huhu..Ipoh penang..
I have no more things to say.. bye !!!
One thing to announce, ESTHER SIAH ADA BLOG !!

Btw, A-level and form 6, what's the difference? Besides$$$?

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