Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yesterday was our class trip to KLCC. As I said earlier, we went there to take class pictures for our magazine.. We took pictures in the garden... We suppose to go to Petrosains. But, end up most of them don't want to go.. Goshhh...

Foreverus91 without Amrit. What a waste..

5 Berlian/2008

Me and Sithara

This is Esther Siah

My "boyfriend", Esther Chong. : )

shhhh mei xin... Mimi !

Mei Fen

Sarah, my smarty friend

Me and Ee Li

We do this in the middle of the jalan.. hahaha

Me and Edna at the garden

After that some went to mid valley. Left Ee Li, Me, Esther, Sarah,Edna, Lian Ee, Kohila, Meifen, Inthuja and Shyuan Mey. So, we lepak ourselves. We went for lunch 1st at the food court. Cheaper than all those restaurant ma.. Me, esther and kohila's food is the cheapest among all of us.. haha

I ate wantan mee, esther ate bbq chicken rice ( I choose wan) lol.. Kohila ate roasted chicken rice. All cost RM 5.50 which is also expensive. Ee Li ate kuey teow soup, Lian Ee ate mixed rice, Edna makan ikan pari or kari sumthing while sarah ate I forgot what rdy... Meifen and Shyuan Mey bought 1901 hotdog and inthuja bought kyros kebab's vegetarian wrap. Esther spotted 1 guy at the food court... She said cool which we don't think so.. hahaha

While eating, we decide whether to go Petrosains or not. So, ya.. Decided 2 go... When wana buy ticket, the people said full rdy. Need to wait for the nxt session will be 2.30pm. Kohila didn't wana go. I also didn't go because I got braces app at 3.15pm ma... So, we went to bookfair 1st.. eeli, meifen shyuan and inthu x go.. They said it's far.. So, the rest of us go... haha.. Esther siah went and ask for the direction.. she brought us there...

About 215pm, we walk back 2 Petrosains.. They went into Petrosains, while me and Kohila went to KinoKuniya... We took Lian Ee's phone along, bcoz her phone can go online. Canggih betul... Kohila desperately need to go online.. We went to Kinokuniya and lepak there.. Kohila put back the book whr she at 1st wanted to read wan.. And she tried to sign in msn.. UNFORTUNATELY,

internet connection is not available.. No line there, ishhhh... Then we wanted to find pass yr question booook.. End up, stuck at sports sectionn..

We saw these books
I present this to Mei Fen and Kohila as ur birthday present. haha

Then,kohi start to think whether to follow me to dentist or not... Is clean la there, dun worry... At last, she said okay.. So, about 2.50pm, we started 2 find the way out frm KLCC, we successfully get the way out... She bought 1 cincau from the builiding there.. Then, she teman me go up.. She was surprise that the place was nice... She said it's romantic... Yeahh ! Memang pun... Romanticcc...
After that, we walk back to KLCC, and we bought roti boy !! Kohila desperately wana on9, but still don't hv connection. So, we purposely went to Starbucksss. We sit in front of starbucksssss

While waiting that phone to sign in..

Stillllll cannnnnnoooooot !! Haiiyohhh... Then walk shop by shop while wait for our scientist friends to come out from the Science Centre..

This is the puzzles from puzzle world.

Then, we went to Nike, Billibong, Nokia, LG.. huhu.. I saw Nicholas phone !!! So yeng... We took dat pic, but delete rdy... we walked floor by floor, shop by shop.Kemudian, Kohila call up 1 of the scientist, they say still inside.. So, we go back to Kinokuniya.. We went to the cafe and tried whether can on9 or not..

At the cafe

After that, we feel boring, (still cant sign in),we went to "STADIUM" a sport shop..
She Loves Chelsea
I like Arsenal !!!!

I wana play football with Esther 1 day..
Actually, got Liu Xiang's poster, I wana take pic, but Kohila said later buat malu je. hahaha

We went back to Petrosains and wait for scientist friends..

At Petrosains's souvenir shop, while waiting them to come out...
Kohila's pet
Blues vs Gunners Let us teach you about planets

Glow in the dark...

At last, the scientists finish their experiment.. It's 5.40pm.. After work rdy.. LRT pack like sardine. KTM also la... no need to say...
Me and Mei Fen while waiting at KL sentral

We talk alot in the train. Talk bout Bio, chem,phy all the sub, even moral n sejarah. hahaha...
My leg lenguh rdy, whole day of walking..... We are tired but happie..... :) If amrit and shobana wit us, lagilah nice....... hehe

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