Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i understand the true meaning of bored. bored means, i got ntg else to do...
Damn free, and aimless..hmm.. so ya here to blog again..
duno wat to blog.. but at least make me think laa..
All i do is just click here n there, n facing that MUKABUKU, answering those stupid, hopeless,useless, logic-less, punya quizzzesss... that friendster useless wan.. i duno y la.. but useless..
luckily gt MUKABUKU, if not. habis lah me... I duno wat m i gona do..
My tvb drama dvd all finish watching edy.. I hvent go n take stock.. LOL..
Wait la, wait for my aunt finish that gem of life... haha..
That wan reli si lai watch wan... 80 episode.. sigh.. Those at home reli ntg to do den watch la..
Let's see how many months will i take to finish 80 ep ok..but rite...

80 x 45 mins??? 3600mins/60??
60 hours rite?
60/24=2.5 days..
I duno la, my calculation correct anot.. so long din do maths.. kualiti oso turun rdy
assume correct la..
if u can tahan 2.5 days dun slp, and provided ur television and dvd takkan hangus.. Then u may finish it 2.5 days !! haha...
Im not gonna watch la, that show ish... sooo.. ntg.. haha.. i just talk here oni, bcoz damn bored..
ok, i want watch twilight la,haiyoo.. must watch la.. i wanted to buy that day in leisure malll...
SEE ORIGINAL ma rite? lol
But the harga lk not worth it, so i din buy.. haha.. but i muz watch la..

since i so bored, y dun go work rite? I got think of go n work noe? the 51 avenue pharmacy punya aunty ask me want work part time anot.. lol... bcum cashier for her.. so nice rite? lol..air cond oso so cooling..
hahaha.. But i din say anythin.. i wan at 1st, but after considering, i dun1 la.. paiseh laa. hahaha... paiseh for what rite? I oso duno.. i scare...... i scare later i count wrg money habiss..
mampus... finish egg.. i scare kena marah.. but hu work but dun kena marah? hehe...
i noe i gila abit laa.. but no nd work edy.. i wan go study rdy..

Next, i watch that brink of law.. 8tv dat wan.. 7pm.. last time astro got, but i din watch..
so nice the show.. that ron ng so leng chai.. not exactly la.. but still i prefer lam fung..
n ya, i suppose to rebond my so damn i duno say punya hair.. but since it's at the shoulder length.. do edy oso same laa. stil come out rite, so i shall wait until it grow longer.. haha...
ok, continue later..

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