Sunday, April 19, 2009

our country... sigh

I hate Kajang town mann !!!
So damn damn damn hate !!!
Full of foreign workers !!!!!!!!!!
Full of those indonesian, pakistan, bangla foreign workers !!!
babi idiotic stupid n n n i duno wat to say stupid damn workerssss laa...
They are so damn damn damn idiot...
So insecure seeing them walking around the town, and when they look at u one kind, u feel lk slapping time, n kick them back... roll them bk to their country la.. so freaking annoying and damn scare when i see those foreign work... i tell u those pakistan, bangla, indonesian all, ish ish............... kip on let foreign workers masuk, our country, sigh..
i noe la, if no foreign worker, means no maid.. I rather hv no maid !!!!!
not i talk big, but seriously no maid oso i can survive laaaaaaa... wash clothes cn send to dobi ma... this world gt sumthing called laundry shop.. wana clean the house cn use vacum cleaner......
ish ish, screw foreign workers !! nt to say completely dun hv, those build hse wan ahh.. but cut down la, dun so much ma.. ish
malaysia nt gonna be safe
till then, bb
ppl, migrate laa, migrate la, migrate for ur own good... haihhh

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