Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I went to AGro Bank, wanted to close that account... BUT...
the kakak say cannot close... I don't know why, she said December only can.. wth.
So, i asked her how much is the most that I can withdraw.. She said, need to tinggal baki sebanyak RM 20.. so, okla, 20, 20 la.. I take out everything that can la.. LOL.. n i duno need to fill in form to withdraw.. LOL.. paisehnya.. wat to do? never withdraw money b4.. This is the 1st time I went myself.. huhu..
After that, I went to RHB to open a new account..
ya, i have ntg to do.. Thr went n close the account, n here go and open a new account.. I got reason la.. lols..
That person hu entertain me, damn funny la.. how he noe i go plkn oso i duno...
ah moi, u pergi plkn ar?
ya, kenapa?
tak de la, tanya saja, dapat kat mana?
Port Dickson..
Ohh.. best kan?
mm. ya, mmg best la..
After waiting for like an hour, den finalllllllly, i got that debit card.. They didnt gv bank book rdy..
Then, i went minum with lianee coz kesian her, nt yet eat lunch, baru balik dari college.. huhu...
Kohila's darling is in the same college with Lian ee.. LOL...
Matahari yang terik.. huhu...
Arsenal n liverpool draw !!! draw!!! Why draw??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arsenal, nvr give up!!!
thats all for today..

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