Monday, April 27, 2009

I've got so much to say

Yesterday we went to Sime Darby Medical Centre to settle the billll, and yes, we went all the way down to Subang.. say until like so far.. cuma 45 minutes.. haha..
After that, we went carrefour which is 1km away? frm SDMC.. The things thr are cheap.. I bought new shaker rm 5.50.. Yes, Back to school.. It's not the newest design wan la obviusly.. But it's still shaker..
After that, we cross the road and we reach SUbang Parade... Seriously, so long i din go... When im young i oweys go thr noe after go to klang.. haha.. Chnge so so so much.. We had chicken rice at TCRS... for dinner la.. and... I saw LEE CHONG WEI'S SHOP !!! A computer shop.. I duno zit reli his wan.. but thr wrote Dimiliki oleh: LEE CHONG WEI sdn bhd..
I thought his shop at Lot 10.. bukan kah? haha.. anyway, the shop named QOOL PLANET... go see see la.. haha.. sell apple brand mostly... expensive ahh..
Subang Parade's thing damn expensive wan la.. But if compare to Summit n Sunway Pyramid, I think it's the cheapest lor..
So, next stop we went IOI MALL !!! huhu.. got Jusco !! Pelanggan yg taat setia !! I said rite, i got rm 10 voucher.. so cn buy thing.. haha.. I bought sumthing. hehehe..
After jalan-jalan, next stop....... no more rdy...
Balik rumah !!! hehehe..
U noe why sekali gus 3 complex? because no maid, so nice.. so free.. no need worry she alone at home do wat.. hahaha.. arite, finish bout shopping..


College gona start soon.. lk soon la..
it's gona be a brand new phrase of my life..
say bye to high school.. i miss high scool mayb not reli high scol, but my frens,my class n few tchers.. huhu..
I duno y, im excited but not reli nervous.. maybe bcoz i hv sum1 with me.. my dearest chew lili..haha..
I must study study study study study very hard for A-levels, i must betul betul study,
I must focus, I must realy realy study.. No more "duno-how-to-do-no-need-do-la"
Don't know also must know.. n lili, if i dun study, pls ask me to study.. haha..
No more draGging.. me la..when upsr, wait la, i will do well in pmr.. during pmr, wait la, i will do well in spm... N now sudah college.. no more wait wait la...

I need to do properly in A-levels 1st before proceed to the higher level.. Not for myself, but also for my parents.. I wanna try my best to make my mum happy n proud..
and to my those aunty n uncle sekalian..... I will try my best, vry best.. do very very welll, I dun1 to let u all look down on all nvr say look down on me la, but the way u all talk shows clearly.... I might not be as good as ur dentist daughter or doctor son, but i will give my very best.. as long as i try my best, i wont regret.. n i need to tell them that chineseseseseseseses language is damn useful..
n ppl frm chinese scol, the brain is not square wan.. they can also think flexiblely okie..
and better dun say chinese school ppl cannot speak fluent english, im gona mouth-fight with you.. u urself dun even noe hw 2 write ur own chinese name, so better keep quiet..don't make so much noise.. shhh... world peace !!! PEEEAAAACEEEEEE !!!

Oh ya, 1 important thing, my my my parking skilll rite, ehem ehem.. Improved !!! haha yay !! lk vry important hor.. hehe
Now i can go out suka suka rdy.. No need to see whether my dad in shop anot, coz if he not in shop later i got parking noone cum n help me park.. huhu..
Fus91 !! Lets go lepak lah !!!
Today i park czipleee thr, super nice.. ngam ngam in the box.. hehe... den i park in front of avon.. oso nice... ngam ngam in the box again... PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT !!
I agree, but only for parking.. hehehe..
n yeah, I can Yi Xin Er Yong.. sambil talk fon sambil drive... But polis sampai, saya kena !!.. haha


Bad mood

-the end-

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