Thursday, April 9, 2009

I missssss

I miss pn lim..
I miss tuitions..
I miss badminton meetings..
I miss st.john meeting..
I miss the stairs bside my class.

I miss those ceramah held in school..
I miss talking in class with fus91.
I miss gossiping with f91 abt Pn Z..
I miss curi makan in class with pengawas.
I miss susun-ing meja evry Friday
I miss borrowing newspaper from Harjir.
I miss reading newspaper and talking with kohila in bio lab while tcher talk talk talk
I miss chem tcher's violet=orange. swt..
I miss hunting for lab coat clas by claz..
I miss the canteen's batik cake.
I miss PJK..
I miss seeing mu and chelsea fans fight. aka esther siah n kohila..
I miss running the damn big field.
I miss the damn small n hot and not-good-luking library.
I miss playing badminton with foreverus91..
I miss playing mango mango in the badminton court..
I miss using that stupid-no-sound public fon.. I noe im reli gila..
I miss coming late to school purposely..
I miss staying back on wed n fri..
I miss kfc session with foreverus91..
I miss planning surprise bday.. haha
I miss 5 BERLIAN !!
I miss selling nuggets, making profit..
I miss counting money..
I miss taking pics for our magazine.
I miss sitting at the dewan discussing discussing before spm starts.
I miss copying each other peka.
I miss looking outside the window with fus91.. haha..
I miss mimi's "my name is not wei, my name is mimi".
I miss joanne" huh? copy wat? add m3? no need laa"
I miss talking with meifen about latest tvb drama, with her chan hou n my lam fung.
I miss Amrit telling bout her dogs n puppies.
I miss edna's add m3 teaching
I miss chew lili's comb. haha

I miss esther siah's perasan luk
I miss temaning shobana buy things
I miss sarah's funny actions
I miss lianee's blur look
I miss kohila talking bout her jonathan putra and kaka..
I miss the days when me, esther, eeli all buy food frm canteen n curi2 bring bck to class n eat
I miss beraturing outside the class..
I miss watching Amrit bertengking with the prefects.. haha..
I miss tying ribbon. damn sampat i noe
I miss lepaking at metro point with f91..
The thing that i wanted to say is :

I miss RBC
I miss p5
I miss PK 5
I miss PI 4
I miss my teacherSSS
I miss Chicken mummmmmy
I miss Chicken Family
I miss Cikgu Chokkkkk
I miss talking with Siput Wan until ppl cum n ronda
I miss my adik's laughing. hahaha
I miss maggie mee
I miss Lexus biscuits
I miss my Chocolatessss
I miss Tim Tam
I miss Twistiessss, roller coaster
I miss lining up for that damn bathroom
I miss air kolam.. lolz..
I miss kawad under the shade... hmm
I miss dari kanan nombor
I miss PT pagi.
I miss I miss I miss

what i actually miss is... NS..

i really miss miss miss.. hahaha
Alright, till then..
Toodles !!

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~neena~ said...

me 2..
rndu sgt2 kt rbc!..