Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today, me and suereen went n play badminton.. hehe.. both oni.. at 1st 4 ppl ma, lianee, me, reen n kohi.. But lianee say wat ah, need to bcum driver go banting stg lk dat. Kohi no transport. I cnt fetch her oso, coz i duno the way, my mum oso dun let, coz i tak "masak" with that jalan.. so she risau.. coz ar, i kopi-o lesen wan.. shhhhhhhhhhh.......
hehe.. sorry ar kohi.. =)

1st, we tot wana go prima dat badminton court.. You know last time that indoor football wan?
Now becum badminton court. Because ar, nobody play football ma, dats the reason la.. haha
still badminton lebih popular.. haha.. But the rental expensive la, rm2o 1 hour weyh.. sigh.. no money la.. poor kids.. lolz

So, we decided to go holy family church thr n see see, coz that time lianee go ask, they say close for renovation.. Now, open balik dy. huhu..
The rental thr rm 10 1 hour.. We dun hv net oso. Therefore, we rent the net for RM 1 satu jam.. haih..
Actually, we want frm 3.30pm-4.30pm.. The ppl in charge say( a primary kid ) "tak boleh mcm ini, kena pukul 4pm baru boleh"..
Like dis punya rule.. swt...
dat time tepat2 3.30pm.. so we went toong shen n drink 100 plus.. menambahkan tenaga.. cheh wah... haha...
3.55pm oni we walk bk.. I berjaya find 1 straight parking.. wah.. so nice.. coz u noe rite, my parking sucks ma.. wat to do.. i mmg duno hw to park car la..
wanna laugh den laugh la, i dun mind.. laughing is good.hahaha..
So, we start to play.. so long didn't play.. i oso duno wat i play..haha.. nvm.. for fun oni ma..
After playing, we sit down thr for awhile see other ppl play.. The the primary kid came and wanna keep the net edy.. she brought her racquet n a shuttlecock out.. she play with the wall, how to say ar, means the wall la.. okie..
At 1st, me n SueReen wanna play with her.. But after a few minutes, while she playing with the wall, we see her like so damn geng mann, smash so hard, aiya.. means she terror la.. so we change our mind.. coz she terror.. later lose edy rite, vry what ma rite.. haha...paiseh laa..
So, we balik !!
That's all for today..
aiyaa, i feel wat i blog vry lame la, dun mind k.. haha..
toodles !!

ps: suereen, i din whole hand pain yet, mayb tmr. haha...


waniefa said...

waa went playing badminton ah??
i want too lorr
y dun ajak me go?aiyoo
kia su la u..haha
jockin je

Carolyn said...

hii awanku.. hehe
nxt time i ajak u k.. hehe
u cum find me la, after u cn drive..