Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what to say?

What shall I blog about? hmm.. think !!..
tmr, n yeah.. we gonna go for that enrolment.. basically eeli, szeyien n yeeling is ppl that i noe.. huhu.. tiba-tiba i feel takut.. lolz..
I duno la.. haih..
Im thinking la, will it be a right choice choosing the college?
Good or not?
But based on what my friends thr told me, not bad laa..
so, i oso fang xin abit..
Hope evrthing run smooth.. I wont regret entering inti okie..
Im gonna enjoy enjoy, but at the same time study study..
STUDY HARD AHHH Carolyn, you thought ur fees vry cheap ah?
money very hard to earn ahh, you better study properly ahh...
ok, i will.
so, tmr im gona pindah my room.. hahaha.. room oni, din until tahap house !
ehh, my post all rojak laa. i mean the language.. truly malaysian english..
sigh mann...
gona write in proper english, and there will be million n zillions of grammar mistakes.. But if proper english, not so nice to read rite?
rojak oni best kan? haha...
ohh ya, i found my long lost friend yian huei.. she nvr get lost.. she chnge school oni.. she call my ex-number, i mean my old number laa.. but my sis use rite, so she thought bad ppl, damn funny.. she scare ppl ask her for money stg lk dat, lk those newspaper write wan u noe? yeah, so she reject reject the call, but my fren kip calling.. swt.. haha
She goin UCSI... so sad.. y dun1 lai inti? we togthr-gthr belajar ma... hehehe..
anyway, whr oso same laa.. haha
n my left hand is now so pain.. so pain laa. aiyooo... wa beh tahan la...
Ok, i wanna go slp.. nite !!
sweet dreamss
toodles !!

today my mood still bad, but better den yesterday =)
smiles !


waniefa said...

eyp 2mrw gonna stat stdy edy ea??
gdluck ye..
blaja btol2 ye...

Carolyn said...

alrite.. haha
u too goin for matrix at penang rite? haha.. all fooood !!!
jgn makan je, bljr taw.. hehe

waniefa said...

im not sure yet..
tgu upu la..
friday nih klua..
haha yelah..
saye blaja punye..
dun worry..ngeh3