Friday, April 10, 2009

Tagged by the cutest Siput Wan

(Upload a picture that u like and answer the questions below)

Why do you like this picture?
-Because I love them, Foreverus91 !!

When is the last time u ate pizza?
-At NS, one of the Sunday =)

The last song that u've listened?
-Xin Tiao- Wang Lee Hom

What do you do bsides completing this tag?
-Chat with Amrit

Bsides ur own name, what nickname/name u like to be called as?
fish? sea queen.. i dun like carol act, but i sudah biasa in NS la.. haha

Tag 5 ppl !!

3. Ee Li

To you, who is no.1?
My what-oso-cn-talk-about punya friend, Dhoni's fans, very funy, aka mrs Bean !!

No 3 is hving an affair with?
Yellow teddy bear?? LOL.. jk onia..dun angry, hehe.. dun hv Kut..

Say sumthing about no.5:
she's smart ! A Chelsea fans, chan hou fans, most important she is the queen of zha zha.. haha

How bout the person no 4?
Chelsea fans oso, very very smart wan.. A good listener, that i can pour everthing to her.. poor her. haha

Who is no.2?
1 of my adik, who laugh alot, oweys cedera bcoz of netball.. sigh..

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