Sunday, April 26, 2009


Holidays is coming to an end.. Suddenly I feel not so bored.. Maybe bcoz few days of holiday left..
hmmm.. gonna leave home again.. more cry cry like baby... maybe bcoz r,leave home before edy.. n tht one worse wan.. haha
im gonna layan oni.. sempoi... watever laa
Wash own baju again.. swt..
wake up myself again..
Iron own baju again..
But now i got handphone 24/7.. huhu..
n n rite.. got washing machine.. no nd use hand.. so bahagia. haha
n ar, got aircond, no nd so hot.. use paper n lipat kipas.. kesian..
n arr, sumore gt what?
ahahaha.. cnt think of rdy..
all thx to ns la, i suffer so much.. now abit thing oso i feel damn bahagia.. hahaha

Yeest i wennt to jusco again.. I love jusco.. I pelanggan setia.. amat setia.. huhu..
The price naik kao kao...
compare with members day reli ahh... the pilow tht day rm9, yest bcum32.90.. gila wan.. is the exactly same wan. SAMA !! the sales gor gor oso same person.. lol
the kasut tht time gt 30% now tak de discount.. but still the sticker thr.. the worker lazy bum, dun1 takeout.. ish..
n the bag oso no more discount..
I went popular.. Wana but Twilight book.. But dun have english version..
Got mandarin wan, New moon n Eclipse..
But rite, i think frm up till down wan, i can faint so din buy... hahaha.. But lk lebih thick la..
oh ya, my maid balik kpg rdy with her bf...... she say go bk marry then cum bk.. haha..
lol... so, now i must jemur baju. hehe.. for few days oni,, den later my sis do.. hahahehehaha..
n rite, my at home dat pc, sot wan.. I cnt sign in my msn la.. i wana throw away la that computer.. ish.. so damn benggang... so damn mafan.....

today's st john areas sports day at high school.. actuali me n kohi wanna go.. but feel weird la if i wat oni.. sumore i retire edy... leave st john. haha...
My sis that taat setia wan went.. y she so lk st john wan oso i duno... haih...

ok la, i crap alot laa.. bye bye
till den........

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