Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My add m3 teacher...

Happy 17th Birthday Edna !
Happy Birthday Edna !
You are now 17 years old... Edna Tan is a...
Yes ! a genius friend of mine!
Top 5 student in class..
A diehard fans for ADD MATHS !!!
If she dont get 100 for add maths, means she get 99, if not means 98 and so on. BUT !!
Not less than 90 !
I know her since form 1... But she sat kinda far from me, so we seldom talk...
The girl who always ask us to bertugas as she is the ketua kebersihan for like don't know how many yearsss...
Always said "ehh.. today you bertugas you know.. Later you bertugas.." hehehe..
Besides, she know everything about computer.. When my computer detected some virus, I will ask us what to click.. lol...
She teaches me how to install game(some games wich very troublesome) through webcam.. canggih leh.. hahaha..
Here I wish you Happy 17th Birthday and may our friendship last forever..
Good Luck in your upcoming monthly test.. I know is like colourless kacang to you... and of course All the best in trialss too.. I know you will surely strike straight 10 A1s...

We did this in school during Biology.. Right bottom wrote by Sarah.. sweet leh
Actually, yesterday we went and bought the presents and cake.. Therefore, I and Amrit went dating... Luckily lamp post lianee came with us...If not, don't know who will foot the bill..

Edna's birthday @Metro Point, Marrybrown...
Me,Ee Li, Esther and Sarah brought her to Metro point 1st, while Liannee, amrit, and kohila went to Lianee's shop to take the cake...
while waiting for shobana,kohila and lianee to come..
Even the wording is green. We ask for it.. hehehe
We must feed the birthday girl...Me and Esther...Step 1Step 2Step 3

tadaa...GREEN !!as though is our birthday... hahaha
Me and Kohi..
GREEN is the theme.. Birthday girl wore GREEN too..
environmental friendly.. hahaha
The card from all of us... got 9 heartss...Each ppl 1... Sarah's idea..

After that, we went bowling.. We wanted to buy 8 game since it is RM 3 per game..But the people want to put 8 of us all in 1 lane... If play like that take very long time Therefore, we buy 4 games and 4 pair of shoes.. 2 people share 1game..
The pair:
Carolyn-Ee Li
Lianee dont wanna play. Amrit also din play at last, because it's too cold inside.. They 2 went rondaing.... lol
ALright, the winner is Esther-Sarah... Esther Siah owe each of us 1 dunkin donut !!!
Yeah ! bowling....Dare to dream
We dream to be like Shalin Zulkifli and Esther Cheah 1 day... ( luckily not esther siah) hahahaha
After we bowl.... Me and Ee Li Outside Music box... Colorful? outside only, we didn't go inside..
We took this while Shobana and Amrit went to toilet..Me and Shobana...
After that, Ee Li, Edna and Sarah went back.. We on the way out to the exit...We pass by sport shop.. And......I found my Spanish darling.. FABREGAS !!!She wont go back unless, she took this pic...(meifen, ur fav ar?)

Then, at 1 gerai...sell all football stuff..
mainly the four teams...ARSENAL,CHELSEA,LIVERPOOL, & mu..I found this !!!! Arsenal handphone hanger.. But too expensive.. I pok kai dy...
Kohila bought a Chelsea wristband ... RM4... cheapest among all..
We had a whale of time today...... :)
Edna, hope that you like the present from us and our theme GREEN !
Alright, till den... Proceeding to Foreverus91...

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