Friday, July 11, 2008

I am very fire

I dislike her. I dont like her. and I hate her. (i terpaksa say hate her, although my teacher say right, dont say hate, not gud).whatever lar, i need to say that I want to box her !
I feeel very hot and spicy now ! Want to shout at her !Ask her SHUT UP !
She loves to bergossip... eeyer... The bowl among the bowlest..

Because of she, my emosi terganggu and I terscold Alison Chew. On the other hand I ask Esther Siah to SHUT UP during Physics instead of the 1 that i suppose to. Dengan segala hormatnya, I minta maaf. She scare of me dy, so she dont dare to talk to me. Mayb she scare I box her or eat her up. My emosi terganggu, so I cant understand the Physics well.. I cannot concentrate.
I shall not smile at her whenever I see her in town anymore.I will not runaway from her also. I want to take the opportunity to frown at her... Frown at her dgn sepuas-puasnya...

Okay, I finish meluahkan my perasaan edy.... I cooled down...

p/s:I want to tell my foreverus that I dont like oil. I sit down on the floor and on the radio and think carefully rdy that I seriously dont like that type of people. Not my cup of tea... Let us stop talking about that person, and talk bout new person..... hahahaha...

pps: rit, this post i create bcoz of u wan. r u guessing wat m i gonna write? haha

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