Saturday, July 5, 2008

Amrit's Birthday ;3rd prize; biru retire

In school

Carolyn and Amrit..

Dont know where Amrit found the "good maid"

Birthday girl kena buli teruk2...
After school, we headed to old KFC..

We makaning...
When we almost finish eating, Kohi and ee bring the cake.
Amrit can guess rdy wan, she is juz too smart
Amrit: I noe u all gonna do sumthing
American Chocolate cake from Black forest cakehouse.
Frens forever !

We got third prize for Biology project. I dont even know that project is for competition.
Teacher ask to do means haiya.. do je lah...
Sarah, Ee Li, Esther and Me in 1 group. teacher said 4 ppl in 1 groupl ma.. sempena bulan sains dan matematik.. So we choose Biology.... hahaha Biology.. We did that respiratory system.. Kononnya 3D.. hahaha... Abit only.. Cant imagine we got 3rd..because water color like kena here kena there..But Better than none la.. Appreciate what i've.. hehe.. Im surprised that we got certificate wei... hahaha.. Plus 1 file.. Clip file...Hai hao yi si fang jia qian... Almost whole class got prize la... Bio, Maths and Add mathssss..
Prefectss retireee !

Hooray !! Prefects retired !!! Im happie.. Basically every1 is happy.. Because some1 in our classs has no more power to ask us keep quiet, do this and do that..

AFter assembly, prefectss officially retire.. Immediately, u can see her tunjukking her belang.. She wear her tie until loose loose like those manager or director kena pecat,rugi saham or kalah judi...


Some even say can start to break the ruless.. WHat kind of pengawas laaa, teacher oso say leh.. Bad exampleeee...

No offence to my pengawas frenssss k.... heehee..

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Y-mun said...

eh~u cut ur hair leh! tc too XD