Saturday, July 26, 2008

We don't need to go for St.John meetings anymore !!
We will be free by August.. !!
yay !! I won't miss St.John meeting.. Because it is getting from worse to worst since some one who don't do work took over.
I can wear this t-shirt as pyjamas..hahaha..
We don't know anything about 1st aid, don't ask us to treat..
When comes to exam, we know everything. :)
Us with the qualified first aider Lian Ee...
Meifen, Lian Ee, Me and Ee Li
My dearly v.chairperson
When comes to st.john, she can sacrifice anything u know..
Taat setia...
She said that inside her blood or gene got things to do with St.John.. Siao siao..
Anyway, I just want to promote her abit here, ADULT COPERAL
Chen Lian Ee,because she always do her job well..
Pity her la, as a v.chairperson, she does more than she suppose to...
Unlike some irritating people that can goyang kaki and hold the highest post, as she doesn't deserve it at all..
Don't do work, nevermind, not sporting at all... eesh....
COnfirm edy, class streaming going to happen..
Im still happie because with get to challenge her...
She don't like to dicabar.. She want like that, means like that..
This is called bossy..
Lian Ee said, N's Law looks very sad when she went to her office to get her sign for st john agm... Lol...
Probably, she is heartbroken..hehehehehehehehehe...
******************************************************************** ***
Monday will be our 1st day of test.. 2nd monthly test..This will be my last post until exam. No ! until test over... exam will make ppl tension..
test not so... lol
Good luck and all the best to all the 5th former from Convent, a school which i wanna buy down one day... To build my biggest Indoor Badminton Court in Kajang... lalalalala..
till then... Bye !

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