Thursday, July 31, 2008

Are we creative?

Yesterday, Me and Amrit onlining... We have nothing to do, so with wanted to play the games in MSN.. But that msn kuku(amrit's new word) edi..We clivk, poker cannot, cheker cannot, tic tac toe cannot, 3D tic tac toe cannot,jigsaw cannot, UNO also cannot... So we fed up dy.. Therefore, we start to play tic tac toe on msn conversation.. We draw.. hahahaha.. It's fun ok... lol..... Amrit won 1-0.. Tak kira la, because I thinking of something. hahahaha...
This morning, we took that Australian Mathematic test.. Is actually competition. The questions are quite "easy.. ""Easy" until....... fu yohhhh.... College student also cannot do that type aaa... Teacher said, whole Malaysia only 2% get distinction while 50% get credit.How bout the remaining 48 %???

Im glad that I pass for add maths... We ask teacher so long to let us see our marks... huhu...
Last time F1, F2, F3, we will say "haizz.. Don't know can get A anot?, wei.. U say I can get A not??"
But now, "wei U say la, I can pass anot?" l0l...

Oh ya! I and Amrit created some rhymes for foreverus91 after playing tic tac toe.... HEre it goes...

1.Ee Li

Ee Li,You are so silly,
As pretty as a Lily,
As fresh as the Air Pili,
As hot as a chili,
You are a little bit girly,
And also very geli...............

2. Kohila
You are known as Chelseala,
You are as brave as an umbrella,
Love to watch bola,
Always the favorite of Nirmala,
Not to forget Normala...........

3. Amrit
Amrit,You are as cute as a rabbit,
Because you love to eat,
But don’t vomit............

4. Sarah
You love to watch drama,
You never kalah,
And will never be salah,
Because you always take the correct langkah...........

5. Lian Ee
Lian Ee,
You are fierce as a lion,
Your voice is one in a million,
You have a statue in singapore called merlion........

6. Carolyn
You are so mean,
Because you love to do add maths mean,
You love to eat amoxyline.......

7. Edna
Edna,You are as slim as a banana,
You love to wear bandana,
Because you want to be a ballerina.....

8. Shobana
You are known as MUna
You love to eat bananas,
You love to play the guitar,
Singing & dancing around like a pakar........

9. Esther
You are not an ester,
Don't use plaster,
Because you are as fat as an oyster........

This is an incomplete version. Link to Foreverus91 to read the full version
Amrit and Carolyn Private Limited
Best in Convent and Kajang.
Till then, I wanna watch tv... Bye !

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