Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A day of laughter

I feel so happy today. Because I went to Happy Happy cafe just now in the afternoon.. The new hawker centre nearby Convent named Happy Happy. lol...
After school, Ee Li and me went there for lunch... Alot alot of people. Working peoples, new era college's students and of course convent studentss. hahaha... We ate fried kuey teow and drank cina teh ais.. wash away the oil. hehe
At 1st we thought new opening got cheaper, but who knows tak de pun. At least give free cina teh ais ma... and the food is not cheap also..
More expensive compare to Toong Shen.
Now, kedudukan Toong Shen tergugat.. huhu...Ohh yeah ! we met Wendy and Qian Peng there. Their E.Lit class was cancelled..
Wendy ate mixed rice. 2 lauk RM3.50.. Fuihh...

We saw 1 girl. I guess she's 20 sumthing.. The hair all blonde wan..she bleached her hair kut.. Come and show us some pictures from some charity home, asking for donation.. She asked us to donate a bit. RM 1 or RM2 oso can.. Ee Li n saya donated RM 1. But Qian peng and wendy feel she's lying bcoz she didn't show license or anything to buktikan.. After that, she go table by table... She talk so much... She even sit on ppl's seat.. Until ppl go n order food came back no seat.. Then we saw she issued receipt to those who donated but not us.. Why arr??
So, we conclude that she "eat" our money... n go n dye hair.. hahaha..
Dont care la, she wrong not our wrong oso if she eat our money...

After lunch, off we go to Mcd. We met Kohila and Shobana there waiting for the puntual esther. tot wana buy RM0.50 ice-cream. Inthuja bought 3, but not RM 0.50, is normal price. The waitress said only sat gt RM 0.50.. end up we walk out frm MCd and went to Parkson to buy something..
We take so long to decide to buy 1 thing.. haha.. I see the promoter also sakit kepala dy. lol.. want then dont want, then choose others again. Too many choices until me and eeli need to close eyes and choose.
We did buy sumthing at last.Ee Li desperately need ice-cream. Therefore, we went to Metro's mcd cawangan and buy ice-cream. Huhhhh ! Don't have pulak...
Isssshhhhhh... They repairing or what.. dont know la.. Ee Li still need ice-cream. So, we went to Giant to but Kings ice-cream. We bought Spinner oreo. hehehe.. Although we can't get RM 0.50. At least we get RM0.99. But also paid RM1.. Still we saved RM 0.05. : )
At that time, we realise it's already half past three.Definitely late for tuition dy... Ya lor, we dont use to have tuition at 3.30pm.. that's why we cant sense the time... hehhe
We reach PTM 3.45pm. We speed to the max...


It's the start of the 2nd half of the year...J.U.L.Y.. 1st half of the year had gone.... I am not really satisfied with what I've done during the 1st half of the year.. N i need to make it better in the 2nd half..

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