Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's fun dating with you amrit... ahhhahaha...
Not to 4get with the "lamp post" (ee) a.k.a financial minister..
We don't get what we actually wanted, but stillll...we make great decision for buying those things.
We shop for like 2 hours?
It's fun deciding which card to buy..
But somehow I feel the mirror wan is great..


Okay, I wanna ask...
What is lala?? (i don't mean that lala which we eat wan) Meifen, bu yao zha wo !
lala is often use on girls.. Then, boys got call lala wan ar?
Suddenly, my tahap curiosity shoot up to the highest leve. lol
I understand lala as the hair is short on top, spiky wan and bottom is long..
Besides, they pin their hair like din pin like that. Not only that, they pose one kind while taking pictures... I am NOT insulting..
I am yes...... Curious...
Till then... Bye !!!

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