Wednesday, July 16, 2008


GOSH ! St. john.. st john... 100 yrs of celebration..
"Buy lar ! special you know, hundred yrs celebration"
this is wat kohi tell me to tell the person to persuade them to buy.
The prob right, I dont know how to talk like that...
I think, b4 i hv the chance to tell, the person run away...! not all la, but some.. Some vry generous.. "nah ! i gv u money la, i dont want stickersss...."

My stickers are not out yet !!!!
although it's only 10 stickers... duhhhh..
but do you know 10 sticker bukannya senang. when people see you they will run away, sepantas kilat !
That kind of feeling when you see them run away ! as though what only ler..
"shang hai zi zun xin"
I wonder why St.johns always sell stickers...
People asked me
"kenapa asyik sticker saje, tak de benda lain ke? RM2 mahal lar"
Since in the 90s, they've been selling CAR STICKERS ! sell la other things, fan or some file or anything.. huh ! Y dont they sell pens or some plasters ar, dettol ar, cottons,iodine whatever that people can use la... stjohn is abt 1st aid after all.....
yala, i noe i crappinggg

Who on earth can help me to sell???
Last yr, I gave to my seniors.
This yr, I shall give to my junior who is my sister..hahahaha
she is a great promoter
Go collection ????????????
I dont want to see people run away from me ! I dont want to experience it anymore... PLUS Malaysia dahlah so hot, wear full uniform ! can mati kepanasan wei...
During form 2, I very the bersemangat, I sold 50 stickers in 2 weeks... geng leh..
Actually I've no regret for joining st john lar...
But I also dont know why on earth I join this society.. I shud have join school band, but this "canggih" school don't have.. sigh..

I dont know how lar now to finish the stickers by this sunday... what the stickerssss...I am clueless...
I wish that I am a thousand-aiire now.. (thousand enuf no nd million yet) So I can hv the money to buy all the stickers myself.......
Actually you know why im so worried arr?If we return stickers, we wont get our ko-kokurikulum marksss.. thats y...... is like uguting lar right...

Okay, bye ! I go and check my piggie bank got how much 1st... Worst come to worst if nt enuf, i go borrow frm ah long laaa... but i think enuf la.. rm 20... heehee..
til den..

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