Saturday, May 3, 2008

Im not stupid !

I tell you now ! Im not stupid ! Ur acting skill is superb !! I cannt even figure out when r u evil? when r u angel...
But now i can ! U r not angel, u r oweys evil !
I will nvr trust you anymore !! From now on, n forever !! I will nvr ever !
Izit sumtin 2 do with ur physocology system, nervous system or anything or watever, i don't know ! I tink u shud go n see a doctor n tell him ur prob...

U r trying 2 do sumthing on me??? or testing?? Smart u.. I KNEW IT !! Come on, show ur true colors so dat evry1 knows the true you !... Im waiting 4 da day 2 cum !! Dun smile at me ! I dislk ur smile ! Full of undefined meanings. Dun talk sarcasticly, stop acting !!! im not as stupid as u tink !

I reali cant stand u !! U r full of lakonan !!! U can b awarded, best actress of the century/ best lier... U r the greatest actress/lier i've ever seen ! u r juz 2 gud in acting, even HK best actor/best actress cant overtake you ! When i see ur smile,ur vry FAKE smile, i feel lk screaming, feel lk running faraway frm you !! When u talk 2me with ur eyes stared at me, i feel lk closing my eyes n ans you whatever i've in my mind juz 2 entertain you... U hv such a innocent look. But bhind da scene.............u r full of hatred !

Recently, i feel vry insecure when ur smssss comes, when u r by my side... I cant wait 2 delete ur msgsss.....

To me, Friend is sumthing precious, the most valuable thing than any other thing else which $$$ can nvr buy...Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of lifes.. Eventhough if i were 2 lose u as 1 of my fren, i wil hv no feelings, wont b sad at all.. Infact, my recipe of life will be tastier... I can tell anytthing 2 my friends without afraid dat they will spread it out !!

Conclusion, thanks 4 letting me noe dat u r such a "great angel" all dis while... A well known actress.. From now onwards, u r out frm my friend list, u r out frm my phonebook, u r out frm my mind.. !!!

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