Sunday, May 18, 2008


This morning I went for driving pre-test. After 8 hours of learning,my teacher say must go for that test to see whether you can go for that JPJ real test or not... Nonsence la... Waste time.. I waited for 3 hours just to take that 20 mins test, and that also the examiner curi tulang, didn't test the hill, parking and three point turn. He want to go back early. That's why. And that Kancil seriously suck i tell you.... And I guess, someone smoke inside that car. So yuck ! I cannot stand that smell. Headache. So, conclusion is, pre-test SUCKS !!!!!


I was told by my friends saying that im funny. Am I that funny? In what way?? Give me examples.... What I did makes you all feel im funny? Oh, not to forget Me and Ee Li graduated from the Clown's institute in 2007 okay.. hahahaha


Oh, China just win the Uber Cup 2008 by beating Indonesia 3-0. I watched the repeat... The 1st doubles is seriously gooooooooooooood !!!!!!!!! Two pairs are equally good... Indonesian was down 2-11 in the decider, but still manage to chase n levelled up the score. Unfortunately they lost...
Actually, I feel that homeground is not an advantage. It makes the players nervous... The supporters keep on shout n shout... They beat once, they shout once... Huiyoh !!! If me, sudah pengsan..... Playing outside own country hv higher chance to win....
Tonight, I hope to see China beat Korea. 3-0 or 3-1 will do.. I want to see Bao Chun Lai...
Don't know whether Lin Dan can overcome Park Sung Hwan anot... Zhong Guo Dui jia you !!

Lin Dan vs Park Sung Hwan
Jung Jae Sung - Lee Yong Dae vs Feng-Yun
Bao Chun Lai vs Lee Hyun Il,,

Ld vs LHI will be nice... Hu knows, fly kick mayb??? hahahahahaha..

Okay, so, tomorrow is Wesak as well as 1 day holiday !!!
Yeahhhh !!!!!!!!!
Happy Wesak Day and Happy Holiday. Selepas itu, we continue our exam.... Huhu....
Bye !!!!

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