Friday, May 16, 2008

2nd last day for exam

Today is Teacher's Day !!! To all the teachers, Happy Teacher's Day ! Actually we don't have assembly, but because of teacher's day, we have it, just to read that perutusan.
Dis 2 weeks of exam, I realize something... The hotel beside my school. Everyday also got people curi tulang. Mayb not la, is just their break time. I nothing to do, so i take all this picture. hahaha
Today is also the 2nd last day for exam !

This is the hotel beside my school. Vry Tall la..

We always smell something. You see, they push the trolley don't know go where.

Housekeeper curi tulang. Fyi, that short hair woman, SMOKE !!! Eewww..

hohotataho, pekerja curi tulang...

EST paper 2, 1/2 hour to finish..

agak-agak, my ans correct anot? this kind of ans sheet.

PJK. this is the so called general knowledge. MU MU MU. OMG !!! C-R7 sumore !

My no.39 wrong d la...

PJK time= sleeping time.. Everyone don't need 1 hr.. 30 mins -40 mins will do.

Khadijah ni...

Syahirah poser

That's all !! Today no Bio tuition !! Yeah ! Im free on Friday at once after few months..

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