Saturday, May 17, 2008


Speechless... Malaysia lose 2 China... 3-2.. WIn wan, win straight sets, lose wan, lose straight sets.. They shud hv win 3-1..
Lee Chong Wei dengan segala skillnya, beat Lin Dan,the world No.1 with straight sets.. 21-12,21-14. Unfortunately, I didn't watch.. Repeat was this morning 7am just couldn't get up.. Earlynya.. .
Everyone say he played vry well. My mum who always criticize him also praise him. !! LCW surely play very nice !!

Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong, Yes !! As kohi said, they did really "well" to ruins Malaysia's Chance to go into Finals... This 2 people don't know what they playing... Feng-Yun also cannot gao tim, how to win gold medal in Olympics? lose in straight sets somemore... Ishhhhh...

Wong Choong Hann no need say la, 99% lose to Bao Chun Lai wan.. But Malay pair zakry-fairuzizuan put up a good show against China's 2nd rank men's doubles !! They smash all the way.. Fuyoh !! Superb great..I know how they beat Koo-Tan now..

Last but not least, that Hafiz... Meifen's beloved play so lembik.. Taufu betul.
Defend also teruk, smash also smash out. Don't know saw who, must beat the shuttler out.....
Dat's how Malaysia lose 3-2...
KKK-TBH shud b no pressure after LCW's win wert.. Pressure should be on zakry-Fairuzizuan.. But they can win, whereas the no pressure wan, cannot win.. Apa la......

2010 thomas cup will be in Malaysia.. Mei fen and I will
go and watch !! =) Let's GO !!
Meifen, we go and take many many 100 plus and yonex !!! Take alot alot
alot.. We sell !! hahaha

Korea win against Indonesia 3-0 yesterday. What happen to Olympic champ and world champion runner up??????? and oso the world champion??? How can they lose easily???

Mayb "sia" all no luck.. MalaySIA and IndoneSIA !!

Korea will play against China in the finals !! Go, China !!! No matter what, still my nenek moyang's country ma... Jia You !!!!! Korea, at 1st want to support. But after thinking twice. I think No ! Since they play like that... Haihhhh...

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