Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today, a few parents of form 5's students went to see that headmistress..
The result is, SHE LIES...
She told parents that we are all VERY HAPPY in our new class. Some people maybe..
But there is alot who is NOT happy with it...Biggest lier...she say she will just consider and see again.. Consider la, slowly consider. After hari raya still she makaning ketupat and consider.. we get to know that she scolded teachers too because of timetable thingy... This kind of boss ar ! I lari lor.. Still work for her meh? Wait la, 1 day all teacher cannt tahan her d, her school become teacherless. Then she will know..Dong ga mm da,da sai ga... Ok, stop this story..

Esther Chong's dad fetch us to tuition today..
we have this problem deciding what subject to go for.. Biology,Add m3,Phy and Chemistry either 2...
At 1st, wanted to go Bio and Add m3, 2 leng chai teachers.. lol..
but Esther said the Phy teacher not bad, ask us to try.
ok also, sekali gus see two handsome wan not good, later saturday dont have edy. lol..
At last, we chose Add m3 and Phy.. Choose edy, masih keliru.. Go which wan 1st??
Esther again said, if we are late, dont go add m3, bcoz the teacher will ask to go other class 1st.. So, we think we few minutes late d, better go Physics 1st...
Emm.. Not bad lar the malay teacher.. English not bad...

Add maths very fast finish arr.. I tell you, i really like that teacher... At 1st, i like that Bio teacher.. Like at 1st sight.. But later on I like that Add m3 teacher.. I lebih suka add m3 teacher. lol...omg, i seriously in love with that addm3 teacher la. hahahaha

Conversation in the bus...

wei.... I like that add m3 teacher la.. how? (eeli shake head,smile smile thr)
what how? wei he marry dy la.. like for what?
ya meh? how you know?
Neh,,just now I saw he got ring his finger there..gold color sumore...
Ya ar? ohh.. I also saw..cheh.. Now ppl marry all white gold wan ma... Where got gold? Maybe he old fashion thinking, wear gold ring leh?
No la, marry edy wan la..You go la, go ask him...
Lee chong wei also gt gold ring.. got girlfriend only, din marry yet..
Aiya, don't want laa. Him arr? eeyer.. Choose Bio teacher la, he so young, lebih ngam.. Sumore so innocent... Better la..
Yalor hor.. My yuhua fren also say Bio teacher good oor... But I still like the add m3 teacher la..
yala yala, nxt class i'll go and ask, "teacher, you marry dy ar? because my friend minat you you know?" ok?ok?
Ehh, you gila wan ar you? no need!!!
yala, u like ma, i help u la (laugh laugh laugh).....
Then, here it goes...
wei.. later you sms me you know... Must you know... Kookienkeat's result arr !
Why? you cannt watch ar?
Yala, I cant watch, I got Bible Knowledge... Must you know, i wait 4u to send you know.. I very tak selesa if you dont send..
Haiya, 2nd round only what.. Why u so scare? NOt your husband play also la..
You dont know la, u MUST sms me !! I wait 4 ur sms wan you know.. U must !!
ya la, yala, fan dao......

KKK-TBH won !!!!!!
21-12,21-16.. straight sets !!!
Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lee Yong Dae-Jung Jae Sung beaten by Denmark in straight sets...
Now, KKK-TBH dont hv them edy.. I hope they better play properly.. What a golden chance...
shit, i kena NS... nvmla, sei zao sei la.
I say i got gastric, say my hand got prob... see can pendekkan masa onot.. hahahaha
Stupid sms wish me TAHNIAH sumore.. ish. geramnyaaaa.. Feel like throwing my handphone.... Tahniah ur head la tahniah... Should say, dgn malangnya, kamu dipilih.. Jangan nangis ya...

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